Our Networks

X2 Logistics Networks is composed of multiple groups of global logistics professionals and independent freight forwarders who are experts in their fields and specialties. The members of X2 Logistics Networks represent major sea and airports around the world and across different industry sectors. X2 Logistics Networks is the world’s most professional freight forwarding network and one of the only groups who believe the quality of members creates a strong network, and not the quantity of members.

X2 Logistics Networks members are professionals and have demonstrated their commitment to providing the best service to match customer requirements. The companies of X2 Logistics Networks are capable of providing comprehensive and competitive logistics solutions around the world.









Members Benefits

The key point of membership is to grow your business. By keeping business within the group, X2 Logistics Networks can operate as a unified global identity with working partnerships and the ability to develop new business. As a cohesive group X2 and its members can promote a brand that the members are a part of and better compete against the multinationals

Trusted and Professional Freight Forwarding Partners

Financial Protection

Limited Membership Per Market

Free PR/Marketing Opportunities and Services

Professional Assistance with Business Development

Participate in the Annual X2 Conference

Strategic Partnerships

24/7 Customer Service Support

Exclusive Access to Members

Professional and Active Management Team

Quote System Exclusive to Members

Exclusive Tools to Increase Member Interaction

Nils Wittorf

V.Alexander Transport Systems GMBH

"We believe in limiting memberships to a minimum and have found our home for projects as well as general cargo within the X2 family."

Seymour Naideau

Freight Sense Inc.

I've been in the business for over 30 years, I have never had or experienced such and effort by the management team of the network to get members to participate and make their membership work for them.

Gary Wilcox


The professionalism and organisation shown from the X2 team totally blew us away.

Tony Coker

Express Handling Services

Richard is an innovator, what I find great working with him is that he can see the future.

Younes El Ouali

Transports Internationaux Philippe Peschaud

I was positively surprised from the amazing organization and specially the commitment of all X2 Team making this event incredible for everybody and in all complete fields.

Adrian Radulescu


We have to skip the networks that are founded only for the benefits of the founders Quality and not quantity.

Andrew Grima

ICAL International Customs and Logistics PTY LTD.

We found the best way to build trust is to go to the conference and meet with people, talk to them and get to know them.

Michael Muntean

V. Alexander & Co., Inc.

As a new member of the X2 Network, we are very impressed by the organization and its professionalism and focus on mutual business development. X2 has already given us some great opportunities to work with likeminded partners across the globe on both project and general cargo.

Colin McKinlay

RA Logistics

Great energy and drive throughout the X2 Team and high profile Network agents to complement each other’s business across the globe and help achieve positive results. Keep up the good work!

Brian C. Wills

Sobel Network Shipping Co. Inc.

X2 is like a family! We have met so many amazing partners. There has been so much success with the relationships we have developed throughout the years and most importantly friendships that will last a lifetime. And we love the networks' reach!

Balaji Nagarajan

Affreighter Logistics Pvt. Ltd.

We have been a member of X2 since 2014 and have attended six conferences. Richard and his passion for the network with his enthusiastic team have arranged all the conferences perfectly considering every single detail. We made many friends and found new global partners to work with at the conferences. X2 is one of the good solutions for our needs and we hereby thank them for their efforts.

Orel Hershkovitch


I have attended a lot of networks and annual meetings in the freight industry, but I have never come across a network like X2. This is another level. It is a pleasure to be a part of the X2 network - the professionalism, the attention to detail, the broad and knowledgeable staff - everything at the highest level.

Jovial Le


X2 is really an excellent logistics network, with a well-organized team that is always thoughtful and helpful. We are happy with X2 and expect a long journey together.

Hernan Wilkins

Oxen Cargo

"At X2 Network we found a group of partners that really want to build a long-term relationship. Companies are run by people that really care about your business and success. X2 Team has been really supportive and very active to develop new opportunities for your business''.