Network News

Dreamers and Doers

8:56am 11th February 2018





The members of X2 Elite who have taken the time to read this week’s bulletin may notice that there may have been a significant change because of the lack of text and the changes that were made to some of the text that remained with the bulletin.

The Membership Managements are being reviewed, well, for those members that have taken the time and shown their commitment to the network by completing the packs and submitting them to the Network Development Manager. At the moment, it is a appearing that there is an abundance of dreams that are being expressed by the membership. Dreams that are not impossible, but are certainly attainable. Some of these dreams include integrated data systems, global representation by X2 Elite, better rates, and global tenders.

However, to attain these dreams we need to not be a network of dreamers, but we must be a network of doers.

Some might say, “But we are doing things. We do things every day because we’re a business.” That’s true, but what is being done is not along the line of progression to reach many of the destinations that are desired as per what has been reported through the Membership Management Packs. The integrated data systems, the global tenders, better rates, and for those that desire it, representation under a global brand; these are all feasible and achievable.

How can we do these?

We can accomplish these by being a network of doers. A network of companies that have set their sights on a target such as better rates or an integrated data system and then take the steps that are required and in step with each other, attain these dreams and make them a reality and not just something that would be great to have.

Each member of the network is capable of being a doer, and that is why they are members of X2 Elite. Let’s make the dreams that are expressed in surveys, emails, and the Membership Management Packs by taking the basic steps required to form a cohesive network that will use tools such as integrated data systems, take advantage of better air and sea rates, help us attain global tenders, and create a robust network of professional freight forwarders that are serious about taking on the MNC’s.

We appreciate all participation and involvement by the X2 Elite membership. Remember, take advantage of what is offered, it’s not offered for use, it’s offered for you, the membership.