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8:47pm on Monday 4th March 2019

This time we are glad to announce the recent news our X2 Elite & Projects member: Turk Logistics from Bahrain shared with us.

Another record for Turk Heavy Transport for moving unusual load with total weight of 224 tons (trailer + load). This time Turk Logistics increased the capabilities by adding more axles lines from 24 to 36 in order to serve the client's requirement.  The SPMT configured in 18 + 18 side by side with the total length of 25.2 meters, width of 5.33 meters, height of 1.5 meters and weighing of 144 tons (tare).

The steel structure (Spool Unit) successfully delivered to ALBA Power Station 5 project from GAMA Laydown on March 02, 2019 with dimensions of L 31 x W 8.4 x H 5.5 meters and weighed 80 tons.

Turk Logistics thanks to the its company's team and admires the effort of everyone involved! This kind of project will be happening again in 3-4 weeks serving the same client.


Turk Logistics and Heavy Transport – your reliable, professional partner for projects in the Kingdom of Bahrain

Seymour Naidu
Freight Sense Inc.
I’ve been in the business for over 30 years… have never had or experienced such and effort by the management team of the network to get members to participate and make their membership work for them.
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