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8:56pm on Sunday 16th December 2018
Cargo Weekend
Cargo Weekend is a networking event for all logistics professionals. As many of you may be aware – X2 Logistics Networks Conferences have become recognised as being at the leading edge in creating a...
8:56pm on Sunday 16th December 2018
X2 Cargo Protect & Nacora partnership
X2's CEO Richard Overton added " We are extremely happy to be working in partnership with selected global professional service providers like Nacora Insurance, that can enhance and benefit X2 members ...
11:51pm on Monday 3rd December 2018
Asia Cold Chain Show 2018
On Friday 30 November 2018, Murray Backhouse and Sanjay Danvani attended the Asia Cold Chain Show in Bangkok. With X2 Cold Chain being a partner of the event for the first time, it was a great opportu...
9:00am on Thursday 29th November 2018
GNW Logistics - Interview with Özge Batmaz
GNW Logistics is the freight forwarder company of Turkey's pioneer logistics service provider Gunaydin Group. NorthWestern Logistics, which was founded in 2009, has joined Gunaydin Group which ...
4:33am on Wednesday 21st November 2018
X2 XTRA Q3 2018
We published our X2 XTRA issue for Q3 of 2018 and we're happy to see so many pleasant responses and interest from our members. This quarter's issue covers our members special news and updates, new pro...

Herbert Hang
Shanghai SAGA International Freight Forwarding Co. LTD
This is the best network… I feel very well because we have been in other networks in the past 10 years… I feel very confident.
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