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Year of Change-The New Generation of Logistics Net

8:50am 11th February 2018





As regular visitors to the X2 Elite website may have noticed, over the past week we have made a few additions to the website. We have added:

X2 Presentations
2014 X2 Conference Photo Galleries
2014 X2 Conference Opening Video

X2 TV has now launched and its first season of features begins with a series of interviews that were held with members during the 2014 X2 Conference. Currently the season preview can be seen and it provides viewers with a short list of who we will be seeing in interviews.

Some members have already expressed their interest in being interviewed, and there will be plenty of chances in the future to be a star in an X2 TV episode in an interview or through any of the prospective projects that are under consideration.

X2 Presentations

Another completely new addition to the X2 Elite website is X2 Presentations. In here we will be adding major presentations that are given to the membership. As of today there is only a single entry, which is the presentation that was given to the attendees during the Plenary Session of the 2014 X2 Conference. The full presentation can be viewed by any X2 Elite member.

2014 X2 Conference Galleries

We have added 3 new galleries to Elite Photos. In addition to the Launch Party gallery that has been the mainstay of the section, we have now added new galleries of the 2014 X2 Conference. We have added pictures from the One-on-One Meetings, the Cocktail Night and Gala Dinner, plus other photos from throughout the entire run of the conference.

The images are definitely worth checking out and maybe even save some of your favorites.

2014 X2 Conference Opening Video 
We have also uploaded the video that opened the Plenary Session of the 2014 X2 Conference. The video provides a brief overview of each of the X2 Networks and provides viewers with the most current information about the network.

Expect to see a number of changes on the X2 websites functionally and aesthetically as we lead the new generation of logistics networks. The industry is in need of a change, a change that can provide more advantages to freight forwarders and help in competition with the large multinational corporations.

X2 Elite will be the best platform available to members and the membership has grown significantly and reaches virtually every corner of the globe. What we to lead the way is not up to the network management, but is instead up to the professionalism that is demonstrated by the membership of the network.