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X2 Logistics Networks is focused on building a network of solid and professional logistics companies that share the same vision. We have developed a networking platform to enable independent global logistics companies to link with like-minded and capable partners around the world.

To apply for membership, prospective member companies are required to submit strong commercial references, bank credit ratings, and demonstrate the ability to satisfy the requirements of the X2 Logistics Networks management. To be enrolled companies must prove to have a positive reputation with other agents and carriers and that your company has professional leadership and integrity.

Membership Requirements

  • Has been in business for at least 3 years
  • Able to provide full details of company capitalization.
  • Able to follow the rules and procedures of X2 Logistics Networks membership policies
  • Able to provide both domestic and international industry references from both carriers, shippers and other agents.
  • Financially stable and have never been delinquent in payments.

Apply for Membership

Thank you for your interest in joining our network of professional freight forwarders. We are committed to running the most professional logistics network in the industry and have stringent standards in place to ensure the best results for each one of our members. In order for us to ascertain your eligibility to join our group, please apply below and include the following details

Company Name
Company Address
Company Website
Year of Foundation
Number of Employees
Number of Branch Offices
Awards and Certificates
A Brochure of Services Offered

X2 Logistics Networks will process the completed application through series of checks against the information received in your application form. This process can take 1-2 weeks to complete. Often the greatest factor in processing time is the speed of response from third parties during the reference check process.

Andrew Grima
ICAL International Customs and Logistics PTY LTD.
We found the best way to build trust is to go to the conference and meet with people, talk to them and get to know them.
X2 Annual Conference 2020

Every year the Network Members gather under one roof for the X2 Annual Conference.
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